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Our second office, which was located next to the Citrus restaurant.

The beginning of the We Sell Paradise story

Our company’s story starts in 2011 when Ben and Heather, having moved here just a few years back, took a brave leap into the local real estate market. We Sell Paradise was born into a world that looks nothing like the Costa Ballena of today. The coastal highway, between Dominical and Quepos, was not yet paved. Only the most adventurous of tourists and expats visited our shores – the roads were in a horrible shape, utilities were unreliable, and on any given day you could have been the only person visiting Playa Ventanas. But Ben and Heather could see the vast potential present in the area – and they put their hearts and souls into the new business which slowly, but surely and confidently, grew to be recognized for its qualify, professionalism and dedication. Their second office stood out boldly at the entrance to Ojochal.



A devastating fire and rising from the ashes

Business was going well as more and more expats started to flock towards our Costa Ballena. News of the beauty, serenity, and friendliness of our area started to spread far and wide. At first it was the family and friends of current expats who made their way here but soon the secret came out and the doors opened to global interest – not only expats but part-timers, entrepreneurs, tourists, and even young families made their way to Costa Rica. And that is when disaster struck – in the middle of the night, Ben and Heather received a horrible phone call. When they arrived on the scene, nothing remained except for s smoldering pile of metal, melted plastic, ashes and roof tiles. It seemed that all was lost, and no one could be blamed for walking away from this. But not Ben and Heather. Within hours they were making comeback plans – how to replace the burned paperwork and computers, where to buy office furniture and printers, and where to set up a temporary base while they look for a new home. The next few weeks would be busy beyond belief – and more importantly, they would see the coming of the RE/MAX transformation!




During the hustle and bustle that followed the fire an idea was born – why not come back stronger and better, backed by a global brand seen as the real estate industry leader? Could a small Costa Rican real estate and property management business, tucked away in the jungles of Costa Ballena, transform into the southernmost RE/MAX office in  Costa Rica? Ben and Heather already knew the answer, and the answer was a resounding YES! Just three months after the fire which burned their business to the ground, Ben and Heather opened a brand new office with something that was not expected in the area – the backing of a RE/MAX brand. The rest, as they say is HISTORY!

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Would you like to join our team?

There is no bigger accolade for a real estate professional than to have a RE/MAX pin on their shirt. So…imagine working in the stunning Costa Ballena region, where towering 1,300 meter coastal mountains descend into the thundering Pacific surf. Surrounded by jungles, our area is abundant in wildlife – the RE/MAX office is often visited by a troop of local Capuchin monkeys, the loud and booming Howler monkeys, giant green iguanas, scarlet macaws, toucans, majestic blue morpho butterflies, and many other amazing jungle critters. Stunning beaches like Ventanas are, literally, a 5 minutes’ drive away, as are crystal clear mountain rivers, waterfalls, and amenities like world-class restaurants, shops, recreational facilities, medical clinics and hospitals, and many other businesses that dot the surrounding areas. Are you ready to become a part of our global RE/MAX family? We are always on a lookout for real estate professionals who understand the value of professionalism, ethics, continuous learning, and SUCCESS! Is that you?

Join our team and work with us in a Tropical Paradise!

All of this - and more - is just a few minutes away from our OJOCHAL office:

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